Organic Cotton

We only use certified organic cotton. Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton does not use synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

That means the farmers not come into contact with toxic substances.

Cultivation follows the guidelines of organic farming, which is controlled by independent bodies and marked with seals and certificates.

While conventional cotton production relies on monocultures, organic cultivation requires a specific crop rotation. This ensures that the soil is protected and can absorb more water. This also reduces water consumption compared to conventional cotton.



Repack is a sustainable solution to our delivery system. The bags are designed to be reused. They are easy to open, fill, fold and return to reuse. Again and again. They are durable and reusable. Reuse saves resources and removes the need to go through polluting waste management process, like energy recovery or recycling.

What to do when you received an order in a RePack and you would like to return the packaging only:

1. Remove the label with your own address on it

2. Fold the RePack following the crease

3. Make sure the little flap with our address is out and visible

4. Drop it for free in any mailbox in the world! 

What to do when you received an order in a RePack and you would like to return the article:

1. Close the RePack with the articles inside and some adhesive tape

2. Stick the reurn label we have send you in the confirmation email on the front over the tape. Use more tape if necessary.

IMPORTANT! Make sure that the integrated RePack return slip is not visible when you return your purchases. This may lead to a delay in your return.